AWRT Code of Ethics

American Women in Radio and Television pledges the professional and technical skills of its members to the following Code of Ethics:

(1) To serve our country, our community, and our industries to the best of our ability in the media through which we work.
(2) To safeguard the best interest of the public and merit its continuing confidence and support.
(3) To investigate conscientiously before accepting material and requests submitted to us.
(4) To refuse to participate or aid any activity that is immoral, unlawful, unethical, or unpatriotic.
(5) To be honest and accurate in all presentations, avoiding false or misleading impressions, unfair comparisons, derogatory comments and extravagant claims; and respect all confidences.
(6) To be honorable and conscientious in our working relationships; to be loyal to our employers and colleagues.
(7) To know and conform with government rulings and regulations that apply to our work and to uphold the high standard of our industries.